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The simple reason why JavaScript is so popular is because there is literally no alternative for websites. You HAVE TO run JavaScript to get your website to do things on browsers. And yes, you should learn it.

I personally recommend learning vanilla JavaScript to start with, as otherwise all the other stuff will not make any sense, and afterwards just try to stay away from the hypetrain of all the various tools and frameworks etc.. They're constantly changing and it's not that important to know all of them, learn the ones that you need, when you need them.

However not understanding any limitations and capabilities of the browser clients is going to be a problem for you, so whatever you do you should learn vanilla JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

If later on you feel like you want to get deeper into it, I highly recommend trying out TypeScript. It helps with a lot of issues JavaScript has with building sensible applications, and is a lot more pleasant to work with in general. Additionally it is definitely growing fast and hopefully TypeScript, Kotlin, or some other language that compiles into JavaScript will take the dominant position in the community soon.

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