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Generally I use Jekyll + GitHub Pages.

Hosting a website is too much work for most uses, especially personal website. You will end up with a server that doesn't get patched as you have no reason to check on it all the time, and eventually you will get hacked or have other issues with it and you spend your weekends fixing your homepage.

Additionally there are no easy to host and good CMS systems out there. Drupal and WordPress are both disasters, lots of requirements (database, PHP, some sort of cache solution, etc.) generally really slow and especially in the case of WordPress a security nightmare.

With these issues in mind, and still wanting a solution better than just editing HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly, is where static site generators come in. There are a lot of options, but Jekyll has been my favorite for a long time. You can use templating, SCSS, etc. to build a fairly complicated website with little effort. Setup is generally a breeze and there is little "black magic" involved. It also has a neat plugin system for more complicated scenarios (though they will NOT work in e.g. GitHub Pages).

GitHub Pages can then take your static website (or specifically Jekyll sources) and serve it without you having to worry about hosting at all, and for free. It's not perfect, but it IS pretty good. You will get your website running with minimal effort and updates are a breeze, just push to the repository.

Of course GitHub Pages has competitors as well, but most of them are paid, and considering how important my personal homepage is (not very) I'm generally not willing to pay a whole lot for hosting it.

Some examples I could quickly remember of websites I've built with Jekyll:

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