Discussion on: Golang for JavaScript developers - Part 1

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Golang has a massive number of benefits over many other languages. However, "a JavaScript developer" is too vague a concept to list any specific benefits to them.

Some significant benefits:

  • Quick compilation time
  • Good ecosystem with lots of well made libraries
  • Widespread standardization and tooling for e.g. automatic code formatting and static analysis
  • Compiles easy to distribute binaries without external dependencies
  • Cross-compilation is easy in most cases (I believe as long as you don't link to C code), so you can just set up one build pipeline and loop through a number of GOOS and GOARCH variables and get the build results easily
  • Concurrency is incredibly well handled in Golang - no need to worry about threads and other such things manually, but it's easy to control when things are executed in parallel and to communicate between "goroutines"