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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

It would be pretty amazing if in the near future WASM became a fully viable option, with full access to DOM and all the browser APIs, where you could load WASM code onto a browser as easily as JS code.

So many great languages compile to WASM now that it'd basically revolutionize the whole frontend experience, both for developers and users. This actually makes me ponder if Electron was nicer if you'd build WASM apps for it 🤔

Until then, these languages compiling into JavaScript are a glimmer of hope, Flutter maybe one of the bigger ones due to getting pretty significant performance benefits on mobile devices.

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Kasey Speakman

Also check out Bolero. It is F# MVU on web assembly. I haven't used it per se, but we are developing a product using its constituent elements (F# and Elmish, but built with JS toolchain similar to how we did Elm). I also have an Elm project in production a couple of years for comparison. For both technical and non-technical reasons, I prefer F# Elmish over Elm.