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Discussion on: So, how many of you respect CSS as a programming language?

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Sebastian • Edited

@urielbitton , React Native doesn't apply here as it doesn't target web browsers. Unless the "frontend" definition relates to technology beyond HTML rendered by web browser, which makes the entire discussion here pointless.

Flutter can target web apps and I see an awful lot of CSS in their output. It uses the HTML Canvas control, where CSS might not apply, but then that is not targeting traditional HTML.

Bottom line, what you are referring to as "they don't use css" looks a lot like the concept of an additional layer of abstraction ON TOP of CSS. True, those exist (and reasonably so), but they transpile to CSS.

Maybe we should ask a different question here: What other means exist besides CSS to tell browsers how to style DOM elements? I can't think of any besides the "good" old HTML2/3/4 elements and properties such as FONT, TABLE border cellpadding, etc.