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Nice article, Carles.

Would you comment on why you think that 3.3kb (LazySizes) as compared to 1kb (lozad) is worth mentioning as a con?

Specifically, I'd like to know why you think it is such a big deal (the smaller, the better, sure). I mean, you are certainly going to save a lot of bandwidth using either solution, so the +2.3kb shouldn't really matter that much given that LazySizes otherwise has enormous advantages over lozad (as per your own comparison).

Thank you. Keep it up! 👍


Hello Sebastian!

First of all thanks for taking your time to read the article.

You are totally right when you say that a difference of 2.3kb shouldn’t be taken as a con. What I was pretending when I wrote the article was give visibility to the fact that different approaches for a similar problem end up with an increase of bundle size.

But theres nothing wrong at all into an increase of only 2.3kb

Thank you for your time sebastian!

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