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Discussion on: I was emailed after abandoning a registration form. I did not click Submit. This is not ok.

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Of course it was violated, for the reasons I stated above.

There is a "Submit" button. So the user rightfully assumes that nothing is submitted before you hit that button. And that's the way forms are implemented and have been implemented in the vast majority of cases.

Of course there are always technological ways to go around things. But blaming the user here (don't type your information if you want to keep it secret) is exactly why GDPR has been invented. It makes consent explicit and data collection transparent to all parties involved.

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And don't forget that the said solution sends much more than "just" an e-mail address. But nevertheless, even just an e-mail address is a blatant violation.

Your argumentation makes me think you have never bothered
to read, let alone understand, the GDPR. (No offense.)