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Discussion on: Dealing with anxiety during job interviews

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Lilit Karapetyan

For me, the advice of "being yourself" is the best one a person can have while going to the job interview. I totally agree that the pressure of trying to represent your best self brings more harm than good. The last thing you want during the interview is stress!
You have to be careful about not caring about the results. In my opinion, you should care for the results, but not stress too much about them. When a person is not caring about the results, it is obvious to the interviewer and, yes, it may be considered rude. I think that kind of behavior may not work for all kinds of companies. Many companies pay more attention to the person's motivation and personality than the current professional level of the person. In my opinion, these kinds of companies are less likely to hire you if they feel like you don't care about the results and the company. This is a small detail that is highly dependent on the company's culture. So, you have to be careful which choosing that attitude.