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Discussion on: How I Became a Professional Developer and Built My Dream Career with No Formal Education and No Professional Experience

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Lin Carters

Followed! I find your writing pleasant to read and I'll be looking forward to upcoming pieces.

I am looking to break into to the field myself. Instead of diving into courses left, right and centre on the hottest frameworks and languages to use, I am learning the full development cycle and embracing that process.

I am finding myself drawn to content creation as well, so anything from design principles to content strategy is getting my attention. I feel this is a more worthwhile investment for myself than "just" learning Angular, React, Vue and what-have-you.

I was on a fifteen year hiatus from this field before recently. Last I was involved, I was awing over what was to come with CSS3 and HTML5. I "witnessed" the Web 2.0 explosion. I've fought with margins and floats. And let me tell you something... CSS grid and flexbox are probably the best things since sliced bread.

Web development is a vast, ever-evolving field and it is brilliant.