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The more I've thought about these classes, the more I like them! I took the quiz last night, despite not actually being a software developer (yet) - I just answered what I could with what I currently do for work, mixed with what I've enjoyed from the learning I've done.

It ranked me as 66% Mechanic, which - I couldn't relate to the description, but can ABSOLUTELY relate to the key word of chaos orchestration. That's exactly what I do at work! lol

But the more I've thought about it today, the more I've realized that I do, in fact, enjoy building little sites or spreadsheets that help make other jobs easier. So I'm more mechanic than I thought. :)

(Also 50% Assassin and 40% Telepath, because I'm often told that I've finished tasks faster than expected, and years and years of customer service have helped me get the information I need from folks. So, not bad!)

My full results

No healer or sage, because I know I don't know best yet, and don't trust myself to know enough to refactor things for other people. Though I refactor my own side projects plenty! lol

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