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re: Even just a single person benefits from using a good DVCS system over SVN/similar. SVN etc. are painfully slow, can't deal with branching or even j...

The only workable GUI I know for Git is GitKraken, and that's a fairly recent thing. SourceTree supports both, but isn't great on either. TortoiseHG is what I typically use with Mercurial.

There's also Git-Tower (git-tower.com). But it's Mac/Win only :-(

My favourite client (and the only one I use nowadays) is SmartGit, a FOSS tool that's just awesome to work with. No stupid and useless animations, no "beautiful UI" hiding absence of features, just a solid professional tool.

On the other hand the UI looks a little busy on this tool. But hey whatever gets the job done. I'm currently using git-cola most of the time these days...

It's configurable, but yes.

I've used git-cola in the past, quite nice overall, but the in-i3 ui is weird.

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