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SpotnEats - Food Delivery App Work Flow

lingeshprabu profile image lingeshprabu ・1 min read

Online food ordering and delivery is not a new platform in the food industry. Moreover, this food delivery industry has attracted many new and existing entrepreneurs to start their business directly with a smooth workflow. Where the consumers can immediately sign-in with their social media log-in and a quick search on nearby restaurants.

Once they have got their favorite restaurant, then they can order their favorite meals and drinks. The restaurant manager will receive the order request, according to the availability of the meal. The restaurant owner can accept it or reject it. The acceptance information will be directly sent to the consumer.

The consumer can now track their ordered food in real-time from the meal preparation to doorstep drop. Now the consumer can review/rating the delivery service. This entire workflow can be monitored by the owner of the app solution.

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