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Discussion on: End-to-End Testing Tutorial for Beginners

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Liviu Lupei • Edited

They are similar, but Puppeteer has some advantages.

With Cypress, you cannot test on multiple browser tabs, which makes it difficult to test a lot of scenarios, like signing in with a 3rd party service or even something as simple as clicking the Social Media links from the footer of your website and checking if they can be clicked and that they take you to the right destination.

But you can do that with Puppeteer.

Another advantage of Puppeteer is that it's completely open source and free, without any limitations.

Cypress is a free npm package, but there is a paid component called Cypress Dashboard service, which is not free and you might need it in a lot of real-world scenarios.

You should also consider Playwright.

I wrote a detailed comparison here.

But that comparison is based on our own specific needs.

For example, maybe you are testing an internal app and you won't need to do cross-browser testing in Safari and Internet Explorer and mobile devices.