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re: Thanks for posting your side. The test does seem a bit much. Being that you expect most candidates to change countries, I understand some of the co...

Using the Django admin is not a requirement but it could fulfill most other requirements without the candidate needing to code their own frontend and views. Why do more than requested. As some other comments already pointed out: this is also something you would expect later on. If the task is to cross the ocean, you don't need a QE2. A Comanche or whatever other transatlantic vessel is fine.

Please excuse if that sounds harsh - I just don't know any better words in English: I don't get the second part about the framework.
We're almost exclusively using Python and our two largest apps are built in Django. Why should I exclude that framework from our search parameters?

"what's going on behind the ORM curtains" - these questions are pretty simple if someone at least cares a bit about how a database works and what the ORM abstracts for them. IMHO it's not possible to write performant applications when you don't know what the framework hides from you.

Thanks for the wishes - they already worked out.
This week we hired a developer from Colombia - and he's the happiest man on earth right now. And so are we.

Besides the problem, as an entry-level Python back-end dev tasting Django, I can't talk much about this.

Either way, I have experience with other languages and I don't find this extremely hard. I think what complicated the scenario was trying to get beyond requirements with front-end.

Sharing the private conversation was not right though I beneficiated from the feedback provided by the CTO.

I wish the best of luck for you in future applications, but I also understand the company due to the reason why they are so cautious when recruiting.

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