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Interesting article I liked it.

Do you think you should apply the concepts of other languages to Go?

I ask as the very first paragraph in "Effective Go" is the following.

Go is a new language. Although it borrows ideas from existing languages, 
it has unusual properties that make effective Go programs different in 
character from programs written in its relatives. A straightforward translation 
of a C++ or Java program into Go is unlikely to produce a satisfactory 
result—Java programs are written in Java, not Go. On the other hand, 
thinking about the problem from a Go perspective could produce a successful
but quite different program. In other words, to write Go well, it's important 
to understand its properties and idioms. It's also important to know the 
established conventions for programming in Go, such as naming, formatting, 
program construction, and so on, so that programs you write will be easy for other Go programmers to understand.

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