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Discussion on: Bubble Sort In JavaScript

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Claudio Valerio

First: what Emma said.

Second: I don't think one has to be a coder/dev to understand basic computer science as bubble sort (and trust me, that's pretty basic, since I learned it in school when I was 16), nor I think one can't have passion for a specific matter despite working on completely different things.
I also think that mr. Obama totally could have some basic self tought knowledge of CS, giving the fact that he always pushed for CS education for everyone, not only for those who see themselves as the next Steve Jobs.
It is also completely possible that he attended at some CS 101 in his years at Columbia University, that appears to be one of the best in terms of CS teaching, and I'm pretty sure that Bubble Sort was already a thing in the 80s.
I believe that one can have passion about one topic despite working on total different subjects: one can be a dev by day and quilt sewer by night, or be an anatomopathologist that spends all his friday nights in karaoke bars just because likes to sing. Or be the POTUS and still have read one or two books about computer science, why not?

Last but not least: I wouldn't call Emma's reference "off topic", being one and a half line of text in an article that doesn't like to be a medium length tweet...

One last piece of granny advice: if you can't say it nicely, don't say it at all.


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You snowflakes sure read a LOT in to what he asked. "WHAT DOES OBAMA HAVE TO DO WITH IT?" which is NOTHING. You guys got all bent out of shape, creatively bashing him and claiming he has something wrong with his No wonder young people (especially girls) are scared off of coding. There's less trash talk in Call of Duty in an under-15 match.

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