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Discussion on: Really, why React?

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I'm an old guy. I was working on websites in 1995. One reason we started programming web apps was to make it so that nothing was done in the browser. Ask Tim B. That's why apps were speedy. You weren't using the browser for any application code.

ECMAScript was created to make some things to have some events to tie something too. Still ECMAScript was mainly to do simple things so that mainly simple DOM manipulation. There were was to get data and such but the browser was mainly for expecting data from the server.

I still can't understand why people are so keen on making code in the browser. React breaks it's own components. Personally I wouldn't try making a whole component that was buggy.

The whole purpose was to keep as much code off the server. ECMAScript, which is bloated jQuery was helped moving design blocks. Give me that internet. The one that let's app