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Discussion on: What's your use of Raspberry Pi?

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Loouis Low

I use Raspberry Pi for crafting simple appliances such as:

  • WiFi Router + Switches, I do not use any ready-made opensource router firmware, I simply configure the whole Linux Debian with added packages such as ipfilter, dnsmasq, etc. That's the simple network firmware I did.

  • Torrent TV Box, build with NodeJS, I manage the downloads via a web-based interface from any devices connected to the same network, some times over the Terminal.

  • Power Management, It's for controlling and monitoring my home power consumption, I can set which appliances have exceeded the threshold limit and turn it off remotely, I use external advanced PLC module to managing it more effectively.

  • Rogue-Calibre, this creation is to prevent too much high-frequency WiFi active at midnight while I sleep. It paralyzed the WiFi routers surrounding my house within the radius I set.

Raspberry Pi is for entry-level, I would like to see a post that discussing other advanced FPGA or SoC such as Parallella, Arty, NVIDIA Jetson, etc. I have a different story for them.

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Michal Klabník

Could you share some details about Power Management? Thx