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Important Qualities of a Good Web Development Company

When you tend to hire a website developer for your web interface, you need someone who can add to its core strength. You need someone who understands how efficiently he or she can provide valuable information on your products and services and help your customers get access to the services even when the business hours are over.

If you intend to create a website by hiring a pro web developer company in Kolkata, here are some qualities which you should check meticulously before you are done with the hiring part.

Web Development skillsets

As you will be on the lookout for a befitting web developer company in Kolkata, you should keep a close tab on a few quintessential skills and traits. They are

Numeracy skills
Understanding of back-end basics
JavaScript knowledge
Basic SEO
Designing basics
Analytical and interpersonal skills
Debugging skills


TAT stands for turnaround time and it's a particular thing that bears the true emblem of a professional. However, the tenure within which a website gets completed might vary, depending on the type of business as well as the navigational infrastructure that you might have in mind. Prima facie, the ideal tenure should be cut across 30 days to six months. The cost factors also play a role in deciding the turnaround time for a web development project.


The website development company in Kolkata, which you would like to rope in, should display a good show of transparency. Every detail related to the deal (which you are about to close with the developer) should be crystal clear. There is no hidden charges.


Before settling with a service provider, you need to take a good view of the portfolio of client projects. Every reliable and renowned service provider should assemble a 'Portfolio' segment on their website. Taking a look at the given front-end, back-end, WordPress development, UX development samples, you can get inspiration and also decide whether they will be able to get the job done.

The final takeaway

The aforesaid qualities and skillsets of a developer contribute to a sturdy and reliable web development process. A reputable web development entity should bring in the combination of flexibility, functionality and affordability. Only then, a website comes to pass as an extraordinary one.

Let us know what you think about the qualities which we have expounded upon here. If you believe you would like to add some more, you can proceed and share your thoughts in the comments section. If you need the best Ecommerce development company in Kolkata, don't hesitate to contact us.

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