Small details make a difference

André on December 04, 2018

Recently I had a chat with my fellow web developer friend about forms and how they should not let users submit the request if required fields are... [Read Full]
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Small details that matter the most. I didn't even think of the UX impact validating each input field has until compared to validating all fields at once. I just imagined myself rushing to complete registration and being constantly disturbed a couple of times.


It's important to do it at the right time! As i mentioned, once the user is done and tries to click the button, the validation could happen as it's just in time before the feedback comes that he actually submitted the form.


Why do you suggest using mouseenter as the trigger? What about people using keyboard to navigate, or a touch device?


I didn't think of the touch/keyboard users yet, but i will make sure to add that part - or try figuring out how to do it then. Thanks for the input!

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