In Pursuit of Enjoyable Developer Collaboration

Jonathan Carter on March 16, 2019

Collaboration is critical for any successful development team. That's a fairly uncontroversial opinion, and definitely not novel. Whether you're me... [Read Full]
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You forgot THE biggest issue, I am constantly struggling with: when sharing your screen and giving control, your keyboard layout stays the same. So, when in my case: I have QWERTY, because the languages are built using this layout, while my colleagues have QWERTZ, because - hey Germany. With LiveShare that doesn‘t matter anymore.


Good point! I use the phrase “Share context, not screens” since it’s a little punchier. But in reality, it’s the screen + keyboard 😁 I mentioned keybindings already, but will update the article to mention keyboard layout as well. Thanks!


I do really want to try Live Share out at some point in time on a project.

What I like is that Visual Studio, not just VS Code, has Live Share support and (as far as I understand) can support Live Share together.


That's correct! Live Share supports both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, including collaboration between them. When you get a chance to try it out, don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback.


Bro amazing work with Live Share. I use it almost hourly during the work week collaborating with team from Florida to Arizona. It’s flawless!!!


Just thought of a use case in education. Using less whiteboard. And overseeing what everyone does. Really cool

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