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re: If the company is willing to pay me for time spent with a test, then I know they are serious about hiring me.

Well, you can choose to take that stance. I never heard of any company that does that. I cannot imagine that it will ever happen. The reason is simple: a company is NOT serious about hiring you at all until you demonstrate that you are the right person for the job. The exercise is meant to assess that. Until you demonstrate that, you are a stranger with a piece of paper claiming to be a programmer. They don't know you. If you expect to be paid to demonstrate that you can code, I am afraid you are going to be disappointed.

Many companies pay. Basecamp wrote about this in their latest book. They pay somewhere between 1,500 and 2k to do a take home project. If you're working they give you 2 weeks, if not, 1 week.

I've had several companies pay to take tests. I took one that was a quiz format that took about an hour and was paid $50. I had another take home project that took about 5 hours and they gave me $150 to do it.

Also, companies are interested in candidates all the time before they see them code. I don't even need to apply for jobs anymore, recruiters and companies reach out to me, based on my experience.

Another thing that might surprise you, is there are companies that hire developers without requiring a coding challenge at all. A simple discussion about programming is usually enough to determine the skillset of a candidate. Have them talk about their experience, problems they solved, and technical decisions they made, because that is more than enough to give you a solid understanding of their capability.

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