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Discussion on: What were (or are) your initial thoughts about the technology/software development industry?

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Laura Weatherhead Author

I asked my mum a couple of questions - purely out of curiosity - and was rather surprised by the answers... as a yardstick, Mum is not technical and not part of the industry, and I asked:
What do you think about the technical industries?
A: “They are quite insular - it seems like you need a certain set of training or skills to get in. The industry also seems quite aloof; like they are privy to a lot of information that no one else really know about and they are proud of it.”
How does that compare to similar industries that require certain skills and have a lot of information eg doctors and lawyers?
A: “With doctors and lawyers they are generally public facing - you can go to an office and talk to them and hold them to account. You don’t really get that with technical companies. I don’t even know who I’d talk to”
I guess I’d never really thought of it like that before...