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Luca Grandicelli
Luca Grandicelli

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JS map(), filter() & reduce() explained!

Just found this on the Internet. Worth a share /w you.

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Curtis Fenner

I like map and filter, but reduce doesn't really explain what's going on. eat isn't a function that takes two pieces of food (and if it is, after the first bite in this example one of those "food" is 💩)

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Hi Luca,

This is a fantastic and fun way to explain these methods! You gave a very simple example that looks at the big picture.

Great job 👍

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Lol nice one haha 😄

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Rodolfo Estevam

Sharing just a print of a post without explaining the whole process which happens underneath the code?

What do you think about the fundamentals behind it?

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Luca Grandicelli Author

This is just a funny meme and is not meant to be a fully explanation of the fundamentals behind those functions. has plenty of them :)