I'm looking for connections!

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Hey everyone! My name is Lucas. I'm a 15-year-old (aspiring) programmer, currently learning and using HTML, CSS, JS, Vue.JS, and Python. I recently switched from being a motion designer, and would like to meet some new people, some new developers, that post about their daily do's as developer. 💻

I'm mostly on Twitter, so please follow me there, and I'll definitely follow you back. Let's have a conversation! 👀👋

If you want to get to know a lot more about me, my background, what my aspirations are, and more, read this article. 💕 (I need your help!)

Have an amazing night! I hope to meet lots of new developers. I swear, I won't bite! 🙌

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I make notes & summaries and post them here. Looking for internships internationally (in English-speaking environments!) 🌎🎓