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Discussion on: The Unix world needs to get its shit together.

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Lucas Arantes • Edited

I can't totally disagree with that, I've installed Ubuntu on my wife's computer once (maybe nowadays it's better), she used it for a couple weeks and a program that she used before was not starting and not a clue on why, I had to launch the program from the terminal, see the logs and google it.

I ended up finding a command to fix it, but she was very frustrated that she could not fix these problems by herself without using the terminal.

On Windows, she would see a popup with an error message and Google it to fix by clicking on things, on Mac it never happened. On Ubuntu, you see a stack trace if you know where to look.

I can't remember the program neither the solution, but it was something very common, like Skype or Google Chrome.

I don't see a problem with that, but I'm a programmer, I see a stack trace and immediately see the error message and even maybe the reason behind it in the stack trace alone, my first action is to look at the logs too, but she is not computer technical.