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Discussion on: Side Project Ideas #15 - Simple pre-order to takeaway PWA - hosted on a restaurant's subdomain.

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But the idea of hosting in a subdomain blocks the possible expansion to aggregate service of multiple restaurant, right? Don't you think that it might be a better experience for customers to have all their pickup services of their town in one place? One PWA even..

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BinConsole Author

That was on my mind, too. The problem with this approach is probably that you have to bring users to the platform first and that makes it harder to sell it to the restaurant. I prefer to sell a solution for the restaurant and can come up with statistics that convince other restaurants.

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Ennio Bozzetti • Edited

A town wide website would be interesting. Maybe partner with your town Chamber of Commerce.

Also all the towns now have a website, so you could have a link there too to the site?