re: Why did I choose the MacBook Air, as a full-stack software developer? VIEW POST


I don't see any real argument in this article why you chose a Mac in the first place. Looks like you only saw the "portable" reason here, which is ok, but then again, there are multiple alternatives with windows at a fraction of the price.
Something about the benefits of MacOs would be nice, or something about the feeling/efficiency of the MacBook would help. I had a MacBook Pro at work and hated it. The Touchpad is very good, but I can't get over the fact the "fn"-key is on the bottom left (why??). At home I work with Windows and couldn't see any major benefits of MacOs besides having the struggle to switch between two different workflows.

But then again, I almost always worked with double monitor, external keyboard and (magic) mouse, something I would recommend everyone who really want to develop for some hours. (Again, that's why I would love to hear more about the benefits of the OS and the specs, compared to other laptops)

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