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Scrumy Cards: Simply Scrum Poker

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TL;DR: I made a scrum poker app called scrumy.cards. Feel free to use it.

First of all: Hi everybody I am Lukas 👋 and I am from Vorarlberg in Austria 🇦🇹. I have just joined dev.to 🎉 and would like to show you my little sideproject I have been working on the past months.

During the lockdown here in Austria I got to gather my first experience with working from home ever. As this is my first year to really work as a software developer after school and community service, these are exiting times for me personally.

What really caught my attention during home office is how to organise and plan work without being physically together with my colleagues. We do scrum in our team (who would have guessed 😅) and the first time we had to do scrum poker remotely, we had some issues:

  1. We are used to play with real cards and had no idea what web apps are available.
  2. When looking at some of the web apps we experienced horrible loading times, ads everywhere, apps not working at all, etc.
  3. Apps that try to do more than they should and overcomplicate things.

So we literally ended up with someone counting to 3 and everyone spamming their numbers to the chat. With a small team this might be observable and work out quite well, but with each additional team member it gets more and more cumbersome.

So I have started to create scrumy.cards. An ads and tracking free, fast, mobile friendly, working, scrum poker web app. I haven't showed it my colleagues yet - as I just got it done and I want to surprise them - but will, and hope they will like it 🤞.

How to Play

Playing scrum poker with scrumy.cards is pretty straight forward:

  1. One does create a game by entering a topic (e.g. User wants to be able to...), entering the cards to use (split by space) and press start.
  2. Share the play url by letting your colleagues scan the QR code with their phones or you can also copy the link by clicking on the QR code.
  3. The colleagues now enter their card and will see the results.

Just like playing with real cards. With the addition that the result will be grouped and sorted by played cards. Nothing more.

What's Next

With the current state of scrumy.cards you can already get started and begin estimating your stories. But I am planning to further improve on what's already done to help you 🙌.


With teams in scrumy.cards you will be able to group your colleagues and the cards you are using, get a history of played games and see who played which card.

Game Management

You will also be able to lock 🔒 or delete 🗑 games in the future.

Manually Toggle the Theme

Title checks out ☀️🌙.

I hope to get these features implemented soon and would also like to know what you may need in addition to play scrum poker with scrumy.cards 🤩. Feedback is appreciated 🙈.


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