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Lukasz Adam

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Free Illustrations for commercial use

Since a few years, free illustration pages pop up from everywhere. I know that because I'm one of these guys who offer them 😄. My name is Lukasz Adam and I'm a freelance web designer for San Francisco

But today I don't want to show-off my page, but instead I would like to tell you about other places where you can download free illustrations for commercial use.

Because here's the thing:

Free doesn't mean that you can use illustrations for everything you like.

So let's check out the differences. What exactly is free?

Free for Commercial Use

First of all, illustrations can be free for personal use or free for commercial use. If it's only for personal use, you can't make any money from these illustrations.

A difference is free for commercial use, then it is possible to make money out of these illustrations. However, there is another thing here to watch out for.

Do you need to set an attribution?

Which means, do you need to leave a link to the home page of the creator.

So for our free illustrations today, we're only going to look at pages that offer illustrations that are:

  • free for commercial use
  • don't need any attribution.

These illustrations are also known as CCO illustrations. That is how the license is called.

Since I've created on of these pages myself, I will start with my fellow illustrators.

Where can I get free illustrations for commercial use?

  4. Bottts
  5. Drawkit
  6. Free Illustrations for commercial use

Now let's check them out one by one.

1. was created by vijay verma and he offers a variety of free illustrations.

Currently there are also a lot of covid-19 illustrations available. But you will also find more general illustrations for your website.

And the best thing is, you don't need to think about the license. His illustrations are completely free for commercial use.


Undraw is one of the classic free illustration pages. Of course, also available free for commercial use.

You can use these illustrations for your website without thinking about the license.

You can choose from many different illustrations and the special thing here is that you can change the color, based on the color code of your website.


Open Peeps is a project created by Pablo Stanley. If you enjoy free illustrations for commercial use about all kinds of different people, this is the website to go.

You can download these illustrations in .PNG and .SVG format, and a lot of different characters are available.

Make sure to check them out. As always, Pablo offers his illustrations without any kind of attribution requirements.

4. Bottts

Since we already talk about Pablo Stanley, there is another great free project. It's called "Bottts" and you can download robots illustrations as a SVG package for commercial use - without attribution.

5. Drawkit

Drawkit is another classic. Currently the website is under maintenance, however Drawkit also offers a wild range of free illustration for commercial use where no attribution is required.

6. My free illustrations for commercial use

Of course, biased as I am. I include my page as well. I also offer my illustrations without any attribution as well and you can use them for whatever you like. Doesn't matter if it's for commercial or personal use.

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