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re: Python is overrated. It is a weird language, you spend more time organizing tabs than anything else. Not to mention the dependency management, havi...

Ok, so it's overrated because it forces you to make your code readable and you don't know how to manage dependencies and envs properly.

People would tab their code in the same way anyway, so there is really no time wasted..

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Calm down. It's his opinion, not verified fact. Smoke a bowl or something.


I prefer curly braces, it is easier to know exactly where something starts and ends.

You can from __future__ import braces. Haven't you tried. 🤣

Indentation-based syntax is just another flavor, but limitation to single line lambda is unacceptable.

You can actually use braces with custom encoding. Also lambdas should be trivial. You can always give it a name and declare it as a normal function.

You can see exactly where something starts/ends by looking at indentation, which is easier than looking for braces.

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