Open Source DB Released!

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Short note: the TerminusDB Community are absolutely over-the-moon to release our open source unified model database.

If you have a few minutes check it out: (stars very welcome!)

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Hey, just curious, what is the #rust tag for. Looks like it is written in SWIPL, no? Also, looks pretty cool. Will review it a bit more.


Hey Anthony, the persistence layer - TerminusStore - is implemented in #rust. It actually hasn't released yet (very soon I hope) so we're still using the C++ triple store. The server is in SWIPL, but there was no prolog #! Thanks for comments and let me know what you think when you've reviewed a bit more.


Gave myself a heart - hope that's acceptable!

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Sunlit uplands. Trying to deliver the database of the future with my comrades in the TerminusDB community.

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