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The Secret Life of Programs

Hello Dev Community!

If you check back to my last post you'll see the first in a series of TerminusDB Discussions ('Regular Expressions'). This is the second in that series.

We organize weekly discussions to talk about something of interest. Doesn't have to be about TerminusDB or databases or even computers (but it does tend to be).

TerminusDB is a moderately distributed community so we host the discussions on zoom on a Friday (honk if you want to join directly) and record the video from there. We'd like to be more distributed, but there aren't enough of us.

This week Senior Database Engineer Matthijs - based in the Netherlands - led the discussion. The topic is 'The Secret Life of Programs: How Function Calls Work on 64 bit x86'.

It's a very interesting journey down close to the hardware to see how hard operating systems and hardware are working on our behalf. The Vim versus Emacs debate also gets an unique perspective.

You should get a good idea for why we love Rust!

We're still working out the medium, so apologies that it jumps around a little.

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