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Discussion on: What's new in husky 5

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▲ LUKE知る • Edited

About the migration, I don't understand the reasoning behind changing the way the configuration works now. Previously I was able to just do run-s foo bar (using npm-run-all) on husky's configuration, and that worked with npm, yarn, and pnpm.

Now I have to create a new file for every hook, in a new folder, and I have to specify either npm/npx, or pnpm/pnpx, or yarn... so I can't be "package manager agnostic".

Maybe the reason is related to performance, but I feel that performance is at the cost of flexibility and file clutter.

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Maximilian Berkmann

Yeah, the ease of setting up hooks with husky+lint staged is a nightmare now when they used to be a breeze to set up.

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▲ LUKE知る

My solution for now is to keep using v4 until maybe v6 or an alternative package similar to v4 is available.

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Kutsan Kaplan • Edited

I'm in the same boat, looking for an alternative for the time being. Actually, I've never had any problems about husky so far, their configuration interface was superb but now it tries to solve a problem that doesn't exist.

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Matteo Gioioso

I went back to v4 once I have discover that

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Mariusz Nowak

I totally agree. Having hooks configured in package.json was very straightforward.

Technically it was zero extra files config (as package.json stays in project anyway).

Now it's totally not clear to me where config should live, and polluting repo with extra config files doesn't feel good.