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Discussion on: Hidden power of || and &&

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I love short and clean code, but I can't get behind short-circuiting, having solutions actually designed for this scenarios, like optional chaining (?.), nullish coalescing (??), and the good old ternary (condition ? ifTrue : ifFalse).
Also, short-circuiting can bite you quite easily due to falsy values like 0, "", and so on.
You mentioned this operators a little, buy your last example should be:

const name = response?.data?.name ?? "UNKOWN";
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And should be the preferred way. The code is still simple, but the result is more predictable.

Other than that, nice post covering this "loopholes" in JS logic!


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Nikita Kozlov Author

Thanks! I've added a note to the post and mentioned you 🙏

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

Elvis cuts out not only undefined, but also null.

Still, it is much safer than short circuiting.