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Discussion on: Typing React Props in TypeScript

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One thing you can do instead of using HTMLProps and having to know the actual type of every HTML tag, is to use JSX.IntrinsicElements this way:

JSX.IntrinsicElements["div"]; // All properties of a "div"
JSX.IntrinsicElements["span"]; // All properties of a "span"
JSX.IntrinsicElements["input"]; // You guested it! All properties of an "input"
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So your example could be something like this:

import { FC } from "react";

export type PostPreviewProps =
    JSX.IntrinsicElements["div"] & {
        // I used "heading" here because
        // "title" is already a prop of "div"
        readonly heading?: string;

export const PostPreview: FC<PostPreviewProps> = ({
}) => (
    <div {...props}>
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Benny Neugebauer Author

Thank you for sharing this solution with us! 🙂 Since the "title" attribute really is a global HTML element attribute, I will also update my tutorial to use "heading" instead of "title". 👍