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This list of tips is actually harmful. I wrote a detailed comment and the author hid it instead of addressing it, so he's aware of the issues with the list of tips and prefers to hide my comment (and probably others) highlighting the issues with it.

Edit: Due to the fact that it seems he reported this comment as well, and favor him instead of me by marking it as "low quality comment" when this is actually a "low quality post" which is clearly not allowed in the content policy, I'll proceed to block the author so I no longer see his posts, but other readers please be aware of this kind of lists of tips and do your own research, because writing less is not always better.

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Samuel Lee

I read your detailed comments and completely agree with the points mentioned.
I think the author should be open to the community's feedback. It's not even offensive but rather can help the author and the community to learn.

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Totally agree with you. Had the same feelings when was reading those "tips". The comment is constructive and not offensive at all. I'm supporting you on the concern.

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Valentin Baca

I agree with your detailed comment. There are more readable built-in functions for many of these tricks. Some of these tricks don't handle all the cases well (like using || for default breaks if zero is given and should be considered a valid input).

These are more "cute" tricks or "hacks" than ones you should be pulling into your production code.

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