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Discussion on: Replace null with ES6 Symbols

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From my point of view there is a bunch of reasons to prefer undefined over null:

  • For consistency sake, is better to just have one "nullable" value, not two.
  • undefined is the default value for variables without a value, arguments that aren't set, missing properties in an object, and so on.
  • If I do typeof it isn't bugged as null, it actually returns "undefined".
  • I still can use ?. and ??.
  • I honesty don't see the value in differentiate between a value that isn't defined that one that I intentionally left blank, when we have to deal with both the same way.
  • Responses are more lightweight:
{ foo: "foo", bar: null }
// vs
{ foo: "foo" }
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Again, don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying "this is the way", I'm just listing the reasoning behind my preference, and that's why I commented in the first place, because I wanted to get your reasoning behind preferring a symbol over undefined mainly (null I get, because I also don't use it at all).