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Discussion on: Are you learning JavaScript? - Here's the only guide you'll ever need

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A few things worth mentioning:

  1. OOP is actually just objects and messages (when talking about the paradigm). In JavaScript you can use class and classic inheritance, but is far from ideal for nowadays standards (mainly focused in composition).
  2. You don't "have to" know Map and Set. If you include those, then you should include RegExp, Date and others (which are generally more useful).
  3. Loops in general can be replaced with array methods nowadays, so from my PoV they also aren't as "key" as some of the other things in the list.
  4. The order is kinda off. For example, I think that the "async" section shouldn't be the second item, and inside of that list itself, you should learn Promise before async/await.

Overall the list is ok, but I still think that the title of the article gives the idead that I'll read actual tips, not a "checklist".


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Rick Segal

@lukeshiru ,
Well done. Saved me the time of writing the same comment/review.

@ubahthebuilder (Kingsley), this is a nice gesture to help new people. The feedback is meant to help you improve and not take anything away from your efforts.

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Kingsley Ubah Author

Thanks, Rick!

Highly appreciate it.