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Discussion on: Why having a portfolio website is not necessary for getting hired in 2021

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LUKESHIRU • Edited on

If a company sees GitHub as a requirement, that's a 🚩 red flag 🚩 in my book. There are lots of devs that have done amazing work in private repos, so skipping over them because they don't have something public to show up to is kinda ridiculous.

There are better ways of knowing the technical level of the candidates, ideally showing them real problems you had or have with your app, and asking them about how they'll solve that.

I get that you might have written that because you saw that there are companies out there that ask for a GitHub profile, but instead of adapting to ridiculous/toxic demands, we should just reject them like we do with the folks that ask for "passion" as a way of asking for free extra-hours, or having 5 years of experience in a tool that was released last year, and so on.


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Chun Fei Lung

So much this.

And companies that see GitHub as a requirement don’t just miss out on good candidates, they’re also basically rejecting candidates that could make their teams more diverse.