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Discussion on: The Basics of Local Storage in React JS!

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Luke Shiru

Then why title it "Local Storage in React" if you'll not integrate it with React? You could just show localStorage without React then. I mean I get that you get more views with the #react tag, but is like I wrote an article called "Adding numbers in React" and did this:

const OnePlusOne => () => <>{1 + 1}</>
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Instead of just doing 1 + 1 😵

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Saleh Mubashar Author • Edited on

You missed my point. I could have mentioned using localstorage with hooks in details, however most of my tutorials are targeted to the beginner or intermediate audience. Besides, i mentioned several times in my post that you can use the items from local storage in any way possible, focus was localstorage itself and how to get started with it.

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Saleh Mubashar Author

Furthermore, i mentioned about JSON.stringify and how multiple objects can be saved, however i tried to keep it as simple as possible

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