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Untitled WebDev Stream

lukeshiru profile image ▲ LUKE知る ・2 min read

Over the past few months I did a Twitch stream about WebDev called "Untitled WebDev Stream". It has 20 episodes in total, and in it I went from the entry level to modern tools. I wanted to share it with the community, so here it is. Is the first time I do a stream like this, so is not as professional as I would like, but still hope you like it!

Link to the playlist (I wish I was able to embed it directly in

Link to the Google Classroom:

Intro & tools

Talked about the tools you need in WebDev...


Basics of HTML


Basics of CSS


Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript & DOM

Interactions between JavaScript and HTML trough the DOM

JavaScript & DOM

More in depth view of the interactions between JS and HTML

Git & Node

Intro to the CLI, with Git and Node.


Intro to TypeScript ♥

The UI Landscape

A showcase of popular libraries and frameworks in 2020


Intro to React.js and JSX


Suffering Angular for a few minutes

The interview process

Details about how to deal with interviews and what they are all about

Progressive Web Apps

Nativelike apps made with web tech

Functional Programming

How to make our code simpler and better

NodeJS Backend

Intro to backend with Node

NodeJS Backend

Continue the backend Node path

Backend and Frontend

Connecting our backend with our frontend

Publish to NPM!

Learn my process to publish packages to NPM, things to consider and so on

Deno and Skypack

Talking about super new tech

The future

Closing video and plans for future streams

Thanks for watching!


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