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Discussion on: Is it possible that the software industry could become nearly 100% remote?

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Luke Thomas

I believe the distribution curve will continue to shift more towards remote/flexible work (you can see how things are moving in this Gallup report).

With that being said, I have a hard time believing that the industry will become 100% remote-first. The nugget of the remote work movement that is worth paying attention to is the notion of flexibility. You should be able to leave work early to pick up your kid from daycare. You should be able to work from home 1-2 days a week if you want.

Instead of demanding that everyone be in the same location between certain hours, the workplace of the future will be built to adapt to this new mode of working. Peter Drucker talked quite a bit about this idea in one of his papers.

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🦄N B🛡

Better men than Peter Drucker have proven the disastrous error of the legacy of Taylor's "Scientific Management."

But proof is not persuasion.

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