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Atlassian is supporting the Sep 20 climate strike. Will you?

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Atlassian announced a couple days ago that it is encouraging its employees to join in the #ClimateStrike on September 20, joining in solidarity with students, young people, and their adult supporters everywhere to defend our planet and fight for a livable future!

I wanted to extend my personal gratitude and excitement to their workers for organizing to make this happen, and to their leadership for hearing the call and acting. Atlassian is the largest tech company that I have seen to date joining in the strike. If we want to rescue our future we can't continue with business as usual!

I hope Atlassian's announcement can serve as a starting point for conversations about this in many of your places of work.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can join young people in the fight to end the climate crisis, check out SunriseMovement.org or one of Sunrise's many partner organizations.

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Cobot also announced they will be joining the climate strike, what other tech companies do you know of who are joining the strike?