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Luke Westby
Luke Westby

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Google workers will join the Sep 20 Climate Strike

Google Workers for Action on Climate Change announced that employees of the search giant will walk out this Friday in solidarity with millions of young people and workers from Amazon, Microsoft and elsewhere. They also expressed specific demands for Google to take action in its own capacity, including an end to computing contracts with fossil fuel producers.

It is not yet clear how many Googlers will join the action, but the company's workers have previously organized walkouts 20,000 people strong.

As the strike approaches, I hope everyone here on DEV will consider participating to the extent possible.

We deserve a livable future, and tech must play a role in winning it!

Learn more at In the US, check out as well.

Join the movement to end the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs at or any one of Sunrise Movement's partner organizations all over the world.

Any opinions expressed in this post or other posts in this series are mine alone and should not be construed as the official stance of any organization to which I belong.

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