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Best 9 Platforms To Create an Music Streaming App for Android & iOS

There is a growing demand for music streaming applications by the audience in the contemporary era. Deep internet penetration has made it possible for creators and broadcasters to deliver content directly to the users.

As per the 2019 research reports, the global music streaming industry was roughly valued at USD 20.9 billion! For the period between 2020 to 2027, the CAGR is estimated to be around a whopping 17.8%.

Platforms that either allow users to stream audio, podcasts or watch music videos are grouped under music streaming applications.

One of the major reasons for this growth can be accredited to the popularity of digital channels such as OTT platforms that deliver an unmatched user-experience. Other factors that have helped to escalate this growth include the wide adoption of smartphones and the booming video content industry.

As per the reports of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the first quarter of 2020 witnessed a staggering 70% increase in revenue on a year-on-year basis!

The Coronavirus pandemic also helped to increase the user base to a great extent as more people were switching to alternative entertainment sources during nation-wide lockdowns.

Different Types of Audio Streaming App:

Let’s take a quick peep into the various types of audio streaming apps available for people to stream and enjoy audio.

1.Music Sharing Apps

Have you ever heard of SoundCloud? Well, it’s a community-based music distribution and sharing application that allows you to share your favorite music with your friends and peers. It gives you a wide range of options when it comes to enjoying music. It is used by both music creators and listeners alike and is a great way to discover new music.

2.Podcast & Music Apps

Spotify is a great example of a podcast and music application. If you even have the slightest interest in discovering and enjoying music, you must have come across Spotify. It allows users to play and stream music both offline and online based on their subscription plan. You can easily develop music streaming apps like these to entertain your targeted audience.

3.Music Streaming Apps

When it comes to music streaming apps, Apple Music was the harbinger of this revolution. Other popular music streaming apps include YouTube music. Some of the most common features offered by music streaming application development service providers include ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, downloads for offline experience, etc.

4.Portable Music Apps

Portable music applications can be explained as cloud-based audio apps that allow users to upload their audio content and access it from anywhere using any device. Audio Box and Groove Music are two popular examples under this category. Portable music streaming app makers are trying to improve their service to cater to the growing demand of the audience. Numerous platforms can help you easily build cloud-based audio app today.

5.Radio Apps

The radio applications allow you to access content being broadcasted over various radio channels in real-time using the internet. There are plenty of internet radio stations providing a delightful music experience on a 24*7 basis.

Features to Consider While Developing a Music Application

music streaming app features

Some of the most essential features that you should keep in mind while you create your own music streaming app include the following.


Your music application should offer users the easiest registration process possible. It should allow them to register using a single click through their GMAIL account or social media platforms.

2.Quick Search

A quick search feature is like offering a bird’s eye view to your audience, they can quickly search and filter out the best content for their needs. It allows your audience to save plenty of time and adds to the user-experience quotient. One should always build a music streaming app that has a quick search feature, preferably at the top of the page.

3.Music Player

Your music player should be dynamic and feature-packed. It should allow the users to build shuffling, provide easy navigation, follow favorite artists and help them create their playlist. You should aim to build an online music streaming application that delivers a personalized user experience.


Everyone wants to create their own playlist and fill it up with songs that they prefer to listen them on the repeat mode. You should be mindful of providing a highly customized playlists creation option to your users.

5.Play Offline

Imagine travelling to a remote location where there is little to no internet connectivity and not being able to stream your favorite music online? Well, it really must be disappointing, isn’t it! You should aim to develop music apps that offer a download option so that users can access content offline.

6.In-app purchase

In-app purchases include additional features or tools that you buy inside an app to improve your experience. Your music application should definitely offer an in-app purchase. You can boost your revenue multiple folds with the in-app purchase feature.


Your music application should be smart enough to provide personalized content recommendations to your users based on their music listening history and experience.

8.Regional First

The regional first approach suggests you have regional content on your music application which should also be promoted to the right audience. There is a growing demand for regional content by the users and you should not compromise on this feature.

Factors to Consider While Creating Music Apps

music streaming platform

Here is a shortlist of factors that you should consider before creating your music application.


One of the most important factors that you should keep in mind before creating your music app is that it should provide value to the audience in a unique way. It can be related to user experience, content on your app or any other aspect.

2.Target Audience

You should be clear about your audience from day one. Researching your target audience will help to provide useful insights that you can incorporate into your music application to deliver an unmatched experience.


This goes without saying, your music application should have a smooth and intuitive user interface and it should provide a great user experience. Always keep in mind to provide a buffer-free experience to your audience.

4.Copyrights and Legality

You should be very clear about the copyright laws and other legal aspects of the content being uploaded on your application. It helps you avoid losses due to legal expenses in the future.

5.Monetization Strategies

A great music application can only help you generate good revenue when you are clear about your monetization strategy. Let’s delve deeper into two of the most prominent monetization strategies that you can use to maximize your returns.

  • Advertising Model

The advertisement monetization model uses a simple approach to generate revenue. It provides businesses with a platform to showcase their advertisements and charges them accordingly. The content is usually free for the audience to watch but comes with advertisements.

  • Subscription Model

The subscription-based monetization model generates revenue by charging users for the content they want access to. A subscription model charges users on a regular frequency which can be either monthly, quarterly or annually. Here, the audience usually pay a flat rate for an entire catalogue of content based on their preference.

Benefits of Online Music Streaming App

Let’s explore some of the most important benefits offered by online music streaming application.

  • Quick Access

The first and one of the most significant benefits offered by music streaming applications is the ease of accessibility. Users can easily find the desired content by just tapping on the search button. It helps to save a great deal of time for the audience and also improves the overall navigation. One should aim to build an audio streaming app that comes with a quick search feature to provide instant access to the users.

  • Affordability

Online music streaming applications should be highly affordable for the general audience. It should provide value for money so people don’t hesitate to pay for subscription services. One of the best examples is Spotify. You can even access your favorite content for free, with a subscription fee you get other features such as ad-free streaming, unlimited skips, offline access, etc.

  • Unlimited storage

Now, this is one of the best advantages offered by online music streaming applications. You do not have to use your smartphone/laptop disk space to store and listen to music. All you have to do is use your internet data and stream your favorites songs and podcasts online.

  • Social engagement

Social media platforms have taken the front seat today. Music streaming applications can help you easily improve social engagements by allowing users to share content on various social media channels. It helps to build social engagement and increase organic reach.

How to Build a World Class Music Streaming Website?

Are you wondering how to create a music streaming app? How to make a music streaming app successful?

Well, building the world-class music streaming application or website will help you establish your brand as an industry leader in the long run.

However, when it comes to actually creating the website, it could get really challenging as there are multiple factors and features to keep in mind.

When you start music streaming app development there are multiple things that you should remember!

One should be mindful of the audience they want to target and entertain. Knowing who your audience is and what they want will help you establish strong foundations for your application.

The next step is to choose the most suitable platform provider based on the functionality and features they offer. Always remember that you have to deliver a personalized experience to the users and for that, you need a high level of customization.

Table of Content:

Top Solution Providers To Create a Music Streaming App for Android & iOS

Let’s explore the features offered by some of the industry leaders in the music streaming space to help you create music streaming app or website using their services.

1.VPlayed - Music Streaming App Development

VPlayed Music Streaming Platform
First in this list of music streaming app development service providers is VPlayed. They help you to create the most dynamic audio streaming platform that you can use to reach millions of targeted users. From live streams to on-demand streaming, VPlayed has got you covered. You can easily launch a music streaming app without worrying about security because VPlayed follows all PCI DSS guidelines. An HLS backed player packed with a robust CMS will help you deliver whatever your audience wants.

Let’s take a brief look at the most exciting features offered by VPlayed.

  • Enriched audio streaming platform
  • Multi-faceted audio streaming
  • Offline downloads
  • Unlimited uploads
  • 100% customizable

2.CONTUS VPlayed - Best Audio Streaming Software
CONTUS Music Streaming Platform

When it comes to providing a SaaP based OTT platform, there is no match for the CONTUS VPlayed. Whether you are looking to create a white label VOD platform or a power-packed audio streaming solution, the CONTUS VPlayed should be your go-to option. Also, you can use it to easily build your own podcast apps. Let’s look at

some of its popular features to get a better understanding.

  • Video & Audio Scheduling
  • Bulk Upload
  • Per-title Encoding
  • Adaptive Streaming
  • Low Latency
  • Multiple Monetization Options

3.Builder - Online Music Streaming App Builder
Builder Music Streaming App

Builder offers you a great option to help build cloud-based music streaming application like SoundCloud or Spotify. You can easily build multiple types of music applications discussed earlier, be it for iOS or Android.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting features offered by Builder.

  • Tailor-made software solution
  • Cloud wallet for cost efficiency
  • Cloud control for full transparency & control
  • Build by assembling

4.Zype - Create a Music App Like Spotify
Zype Music Streaming Solution

Zype offers one of the most effective ways to build video/audio-based products and services by leveraging a full-stack infrastructure. It offers complete control and a high level of customization using its developer-friendly APIs. It also provides a wide range of CDNs to easily help you scale and reach a global audience.

Let’s take a look at the features.

  • Business-friendly dashboard powered by smart workflows
  • All-media and device support
  • Flexible monetization options
  • Full-stack video APIS
  • Easy customization and integration

5.Triton Digital - Music App Developer For Android & IOS
Triton Digital

If you are looking to create a world-class audio streaming and podcast solution then, Triton Digital is one of the best in the game. The enterprise-grade Omny Podcast CMS makes it one of the best solution providers for podcast streaming applications.

Let’s peep into the features that make it interesting.

  • Global streaming data access regularly
  • Audio advertising
  • Comprehensive solution
  • Real-time reporting
  • Top-notch podcast ad tech

6.Muvi - Best Audio Streaming Solution

Muvi Music Solution
Muvi’s state of the art audio streaming solutions helps you easily create a branded audio & music streaming service like Spotify. You do not have to worry about operating systems because Muvi allows you to deliver the same experience across a wide range of devices. No matter what your audio streaming goals are, Muvi will help you out. It has helped people create audio streaming services related to music, podcast, audiobooks, inspirational talks, etc.

Let’s look at the highlights.

  • Unlimited everything
  • Stream audio tracks
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Multiple monetization models

7.StreamSolution - Live Audio Platform For Streaming Services

If you are looking to create a music streaming app that has no restrictions on the user limit and is also feature-packed then StreamSolution is the way to go. StreamSolution specializes in all forms of streaming. It uses the standard HTTP and HTTPS to deliver both live and on-demand streaming services.

Let’s look at the highlights.

  • HTTP and standard ports support
  • Latest HTML5 and JavaScript compatibility
  • Multiple protocol support
  • Integrated analytics
  • Customization

8.Wowza - Music Streaming Software Provider

Wowza specializes in providing live video/audio streaming for critical business applications. If you are looking for a reliable streaming solution that is also highly scalable and offers a high level of customization, Wowza is your way forward.

Some of the most interesting features offered by Wowza are as follows.

  • Interactive live streaming
  • Live video monitoring and surveillance
  • OTT streaming and live broadcast
  • Low latency streaming solution

9.Dacast - Audio Streaming Platform For Music Creators

Dacast is among the industry leaders in the audio/video streaming space. It offers one of the best UI and UX across a wide range of devices. For enterprise-grade to individual solutions, Dacast covers it all.

Let’s look at some of the best features offered by Dacast.

  • Live stream recording
  • Ad-free HD streaming
  • Custom branding
  • Secure platform
  • Unlimited concurrent viewers


Choosing the right platform is the key to making your music application successful but it can seem very challenging at times with so many alternatives available. One should conduct deep audience analysis and should aim to optimize the UI for a great user experience. You should also compare the pros and cons of each service provider, including what features are essential and indispensable for your application before making the final choice.

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