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re: Sorry, it's just a bundle of tech that will eventually get partially replaced (even though there will be legacy apps to stay). I'm talking about: ...

Not sure what you’re getting at. Betting career on a single language or framework seems weird to me, even if it’s not going to go away.

I do JS/TS on the front-end side of my day-to-day work, and I also do Go/Ruby/Python for CLIs, Kotlin/Ruby/Go/Python for back-ends, and I do Kotlin/Swift for mobile apps. And I did in the past things like Clojure, Scala, and Haskell on production applications (both backend and frontend).

Also, within bounds of each language, I’m proficient at using at least 2-3 frameworks and a considerable amount of libraries.

What’s the point of betting a career on a single stack or language? I mean, what does it even mean?

Let’s tackle the meaning of the concept of betting:

Betting is very similar to gambling and in general any risk-taking.

That means that if JAMStack is no more, or not HOT, your career would be over, or would sustain serious damage that’ll take years to recover.

Is this true for what you’ve meant by “betting on JAMStack?”

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