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@thekitze tweeted today

I've read "Eat That Frog" ~6 years ago but I never implemented the method. It's about "eating a frog" or doing the shit you hate (or avoid) to do, first thing in the morning. After that proceed with the rest of the "fun" stuff.

I'm doing it for 3 days and it's amazing ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ

I think I might try this out. I have never read the book, but it sounds interesting. I usually do the opposite and keep my mornings easy going and stress free. What do you all do? I think stress free mornings set me up to be in a good mood all day.

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I think eating your frog applies in many situations, not just in the morning.

Many of us could probably benefit from doing our work this way. Starting a work item or feature by finding the most difficult part and doing that first. It will probably uncover blockers before it becomes late in the game and you end up completing it way past estimation or deadline.


I've heard this method used quite a bit, and have applied it quite a few times. I think a lot of the time it depends on the person, i.e if they're a "morning person" (like myself) then I find it easy to get really motivated early in the morning, get in early and "eat the frog" whereas I know many other people who aren't "morning people" and they sometimes take a little bit of time in the morning to properly "get going". However, they still "eat the frog", but at different times of the day.

Overall, I think it differs between people and their traits, but as long as they "eat the frog" at some point during the day then I suppose that's all that matters!


The first time I was introduced to this concept it sounded just a little bit different.

It sounds like this:
Every night figure out the one thing you really should get done the next day.
By the way, I've read this from Ari Meisel's blog.
So when you wake up you already know what to do and start with that.
But, I don't do that.

I do what the Japanese call "kaizen". For example, I need to do pushups. Instead of putting pressure on myself and setting a goal of 50 pushups, I just do one and continue from there.

Basically, I start with one simple action and then gain momentum from there.

Also, I find this talk very inspiring and truthful:


I've never heard of this method, but if u are the kind of person that tends to procrastinate (like me) it makes sense, since, if you don't the things you hate early, chances are they will be postponed to the last moment possible or even won't be done


Iโ€™ve never heard this concept but I bet it works, thinking about it.


I don't have that many frogs to have one for each morning. :D But when I do, this is a good strategy.

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