my post was sucked to an ether.

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I wrote a whole post about cooking and it got deleted : ( I’ll rewrite it and post another one tomorrow. Sorry playas.

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Hey Levi, really sorry about that. I tried recovering it via our logs, but couldn’t seem to find it.

We’re continuing to think about ways to avoid this in the future. We’ll likely implement a way to “autosave” somehow, so that work can be saved in cases like this.

I’m not tripping! Thanks for trying though that’s super nice of you.

Man that sucks. Wish there was a browser extension that saved form input pre-submission.

You can save with the "published" tag set to "false".

Loosing work sucks. Good luck recapturing your thoughts. I know from experience how tough it can be to redo something like that. Looking forward to reading it when it comes out.

Thanks! I think I basically got it all again lol

Was this the case where you thought you've already hit the save button or something else?

It would be nice if could save posts like in medium.

No I was just continuing to type and the the box went empty. I was on mobile.

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