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Discussion on: What are you glad you no longer use?

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Maartz • Edited on
  1. Chrome -> new Safari

  2. JS/TS -> Go ( I do backend )

  3. Mongo -> RDBS and GraphDB

  4. WP -> SSG like Hugo

  5. VSCode -> Vim

  6. Monolith -> M/SOA

  7. JSON -> Protobuf / gRPC

Never used Windows to work so I stick with macOS and Arch.

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I've been investigating neo4j lately. I like the query language and I do feel like it's a better alternative database than mongo for doing highly relational apps. however I'm holding off until there's gonna be a driver that doesn't require me to write my queries as strings. I'm too addicted to the strong typing and linq support I get from c#.

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Yeah linq style is hot!
I do like how Ecto's use this style to query DBs in Elixir this way.
Not fond of C# but definitely of linq style.